Planishing grinding machine

Machine to planish and grind seam welds on flat and calendered metallic sheets of various thickness. These operations are needed in application where welding is used for water tight joins. An example is a food-grade tank where the finished product needs high mechanical strength to withstand internal pressure, good corrosion resistance under aggressive conditions and a pleasant aspect.


  • Power rating 10 kW
  • Operating length 300 to 750 cm
  • Hardened roller squeeze load max 5/10 t
  • Variable roller speed (with an Inverter) from 2 to 12 m/min
  • Variable brush travel speed (with Inverter) from 1 to 8 m/min
  • Brush rotation speed adjustable with an Inverter from 500 to 4500 revs/min
  • Sheet feed manual or by motorised rubber-covered rollers
  • Arranged for connection to a dust collector system (separate supply)

Planishing griding machine


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With this production the company Meccanica Ronzani has acquired a new shape with two productive units, RONZANI ENGINEERING and RONZANI DESIGN, and has started the procedure for the development and implementation of the Quality Management System to comply with the norm UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.



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