Buffing Polishing machine

Automatic Ronzani polishing machines are built to process sheets of width from 1 500 mm to 2000 mm and of length up to 1 2500 mm for the FIXED BENCH series, and length up to 5000 mm for the MOBILE BENCH series. The two versions have in common the mechanical arrangements and the polishing roller-brush, but differ as to the structure of the sheet carrier, base frame and fixed sheets with movement of the roller-brush on the Fixed Bench, and of the bench and sheet with the roller-brush stationary on the Mobile Bench.

The general characteristics are as follows:

• Base frame with rails and rack for fixed bench machine travel, base frame with telescopic slide for mobile bench machines.

• Mobile polishing machine on wheels, or bench travel, with variable speed drive by an Inverter, gearbox and motor, rack and pinion. Travel

control using an encoder and programmable counter.

• The motor-brush transmission employs a set of V-belts with an axially alternating shaft support assembly and tie-bars. The stroke and frequency can also be adjustable.

• Slide with comb for brush maintenance and cleaning.

• Suction hood

• Centralised lubrication for the rack and pinion, alternating sleeves, roller adjustment slides.

• Sheet locking with suction pads, complete with integral suction unit, pads, flexible hose tray and supports.

• Polishing compaund distribution system, with a pressure tank, high-pressure guns, solenoid valves, hoses and supports.



Automatic Buffing Polishing machine


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With this production the company Meccanica Ronzani has acquired a new shape with two productive units, RONZANI ENGINEERING and RONZANI DESIGN, and has started the procedure for the development and implementation of the Quality Management System to comply with the norm UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.



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