Welding machine for dimple jacket

The plant positions the spot-welding units and the sheets to be both spot and edge welded. The welding units are carried on compressed air driven slides for vertical travel and on two independent motorised axes for cross-travel. Each axis carries two torches, one for spot and transvere seam weld, and the other for longitudinal seam weld. The sheets are transferred by two pairs of motorised rollers that allow sheets of considerable length to be processed, with a minimum of 900mm. An electronic device (PLC) controls the machine, governing via the programme the logical sequence of the processing cycle. The PLC is connected to a touch sensitive display terminal (Touch Screen), that allows the variable parameters for the single processes, times and positions for welding to be input and memorised in the resident programmes. Two spot-welding units are provided each with a TIG generator, made up of a torch carriage, with a special patented sheet holder, for longitudinal, transverse and spot welds. Brushing units are fitted in line with the torches, and are used to clean the spots welds. Spot and transverse welding, which employ two spot-welding units, are carried out on a copper bar with cooling. The longitudinal weld, using two spot-welding units, is effected on a copper roller. The welding devices, and accessories are carried at the top of the machine, while the respective controls and electrical components will be installed in the electric panel. The electrical energy supply rating is approximately 30-40 KW, including the welding   generators, supplied at 400 Volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz, plus neutral and ground.


  • Remote Weld Monitoring Camera System, with manual control for longitudinal and transverse seam weld on the edges of the jacket sheets.
  • Application for Cold Wire System, for longitudinal and transverse seam welds.


  • TIG and/or PLASMA technologies welding
  • n° torches from 2 to 6
  • CADCAM technology to edit programs
  • model with ROLLER TABLE or BENCH FIXED

Dimple Jacket machine


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With this production the company Meccanica Ronzani has acquired a new shape with two productive units, RONZANI ENGINEERING and RONZANI DESIGN, and has started the procedure for the development and implementation of the Quality Management System to comply with the norm UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.



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